Decimated JeffVanderLou

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JeffVanderLou is easily one of the most devastated and forgotten neighborhoods in the city. Straddling Grand Boulevard, it is not in the news anymore, as there are few people left. This poor church, below, was ravaged by brick thieves years ago; it sits in the same state, more or less. It used to look like this, years ago.

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And what the heck is this? Just blasting away, full bore? There was a bunch of rusty trucks across the street at the curb, up on blocks.

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And my favorite survivalist compound has a brother, without the privacy fence. More failed revitalization efforts.

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Update: The house below was demolished sometime in early 2019.

This house, right next to one of the infernal wrecking companies, is now in suspended animation. I see no hope in the shot term for this neighborhood, forgotten by seemingly everyone downtown at city hall.

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