Delmar Between Union and DeBaliviere, Part 2

Debaliviere Place 089

Moving along to the west towards DeBaliviere, Delmar continues with more apartment buildings from the first two decades of the 20th Century. This horseshoe shaped building reminds me of many apartments in Chicago. It increases daylight to more apartments, and I would imagine it cuts down on noise on what has probably been a busy thoroughfare for one hundred years.

Debaliviere Place 091

The building below reveals its upper class and post-automobile origins with a very obvious car entrance on the left side of its front facade.

Debaliviere Place 092

And then, dear God, there’s this building. We mused at how awful the living conditions in that pile must be.

Debaliviere Place 093

Across Delmar, the leviathan front of the old St. Luke’s Hospital, closed to the public after serving as a clinic after the hospital moved out west decades ago. It’s interesting to think that the hospital seems to have added on well until it abandoned the city.

Debaliviere Place 094

I really liked this building below, the Essex House; it uses classical motifs, such as the front portal with dark red brick instead of marble or limestone. The contrast works well.

Debaliviere Place 095 Debaliviere Place 096

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