Delmar Blvd and Beaumont St

I stopped by the Scott Joplin House last Saturday just west of downtown St. Louis. Much has changed since he lived in the upstairs of the house on Delmar Blvd at Beaumont St.; what was once a thriving German and then African American neighborhood is largely vacant, with light industry creeping in from the south and east.

Standing on the northwest corner looking at the southeast corner:


Standing on the northeast corner looking at the southwest corner:

Standing on the southeast corner looking at the northwest corner:

Standing on the southwest corner looking at the northeast corner:

It’s hard to believe that this immediate area once possessed tens of thousands of more people than currently live in a one mile radius of this intersection. But as can be seen below, the proximity to downtown is certainly an asset.

You can barely see it, but the redevelopment of Washington Ave is actually just starting to reach this area. The wide open spaces are certainly easier for developers to work with; let’s hope that they stick with the urban streetscape exemplified by the remaining buildings on the street.

Update: Due to the housing bubble collapse in 2008, development has yet to reach this area as of September 2015.

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