Delmar Boulevard Between Newstead and Taylor Avenues, South Side

Things have been changing on the northern edge of the Central West End, which goes all the way to Delmar Boulevard. For a long time, the rehabbing and redevelopment had stopped further to the stop, more or less along the border between wards, but now that is changing.

But the housing stock is often times the same, and in the eyes of many historians, including myself, the built environment is actually on average higher in quality north of Delmar.

I have seen dramatic change in the neighborhoods of the greater West End area, which was historically a much larger area than the current City-designated neighborhood.

Delmar is still a raceway, and a very dangerous street, as the recent horrible incident where five members of the same family died near Pendleton Avenue.

But as these houses show, there is architecture that will not sit empty forever.

And the vacant lots in between the survivors will not remain empty forever, if the market remains the same as now.

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  1. ME says:

    I recognize the two houses in the first picture from passing them when going to Ranken Tech School about 15 years ago. They have received new roofs and brickwork repairs since then, as I remember them being in pretty rough shape. I didn’t think they would last much longer. I wonder if they’re privately owned?

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