Discovering Shaw, 20: Flad Avenue Between Spring Avenue and Grand Boulevard, North Side

Like the first blocks west of Grand to the north, the 3600 Block of Flad is filled with impressive single family houses that show their owners’ and builders’ German heritage.

Conical-roofed topped towers, turrets and rounded Roman arched windows show the influence of German nationalism, which was high after unification in 1871.

Rooflines are also becoming more complex, and there is a more severity showing as the the playfulness of the Nineteenth Century gives way to more “serious” architecture.

Red granite from Iron County is still being used, but now there is more use of it as horizontal bands and for columns.

Wood is no longer painted in bright colors, but rather is stained to bring out the natural grain.

Compositions are picturesque and not bisymetrical, but they are still balanced, as can be seen in the house below.

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