Discovering Shaw, 21: Flad Avenue Between Grand Boulevard and Spring Avenue, South Side

Heading back west on Flad Avenue away from Grand Boulevard, the south side of the street has a different feel, with the Tudor Revival influenced house above.

But there is another more Romanesque Revival house above with its huge tower.

Then there are these two magnificent duplexes, which I was told were built by owner of the house on the left, who lived in one and rented out the two apartments in the house on the right.

These houses are a perfect example of the influence of the German Renaissance Revival, which is not as simple to explain as the Italian version.

Note the complex roof line and buff terracotta decorative panels inserted into the brickwork. Then there are also the banded accents of red stonework.

Then there is another pair of houses, with the half timber influence of the Tudor Revival.

Stout red brick houses with red stone houses finish out the block before we return to the old B’Nai El Synagogue at the corner.

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