Disgraceful Vandalism at St. Augustine’s

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What the scrappers haven’t gotten (see the ladder lying on the roof of the church, and the rope they were using to climb up and steal the copper is still hanging there), the hipster graffiti “artists” have desecrated.

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Want to know the definition of “privilege,” that term that gets bandied about on the news a lot nowadays? Privilege is vandalizing an impoverished, African-American congregation’s church building in support of a criminal, who in addition to graffiti, was involved in the drug trade (the FBI raided his apartment shortly after his arrest), and sped away from officers, endangering others’ safety.

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It’s common knowledge that my website is used by the wrong people to find buildings to break into and vandalize. I really wish they wouldn’t. Or maybe at least realize that vandalizing this church is not “fighting the Man” but committing a crime against the most vulnerable members of society. I spoke with the son of the church’s minister; they couldn’t afford the utilities anymore and then the copper thieves and vandals descended like vultures shortly thereafter. It broke his heart to see what you all have been doing to his church. Way to go.

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  1. Justin says:

    Its pretty shameful that people have vandalized the church like this.
    Its unfortunate that none of these vandals fell from the roof while stealing copper.

  2. robert says:

    It’s hard to believe this will last much longer. I would love to see pictures before it got this bad. Even some now , before it collapses .

    1. Justin says:

      This link below shows a photo before this was vandalized.


  3. Kim Hansen says:

    I agree with Justin, this makes me sick!

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