Don’t Listen to Suburban-Minded Companies

Well, I’ll be darned! Unlike what Concordia Publishing insisted, that building at the southeast corner of Jefferson and Miami wasn’t a complete loss! Thanks to the wisdom of Alderman Craig Schmidt, this building will be saved and allowed to continue to complement the well-preserved street wall on Jefferson Ave. We need “green space” in this neighborhood like a hole in our head, particularly when there is already a giant vacant lot across the street.

South Jefferson and St. Louis Hills 003

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  1. Sean says:

    Sam seems to be doing a great job.

  2. Sean says:

    If they want more green space they could always redo their giant parking lot in a much more pleasing manner.

    1. samizdat says:

      Which always seems mostly empty anyway.

      I was driving down Jefferson just this week, and it was a pleasant surprise to see work on this building. It’s a shame that previous owners tore the original cornice off. Hopefully, something at least resembling the original will be installed.

  3. marty says:

    I used to live just a few doors down (I still own the house; we moved to Shaw). This looks like great progress. I hope it keeps moving along. While I Iived there, rehab on that building was started and stopped several times to the point it became frustrating. It’ll be so nice to see it finished. I’m so glad Concordia didn’t get their way.

  4. Kameron says:

    This is great to see. I thought that one was a goner. Who’s doing it?

  5. Mark says:

    I’ve seen this one a number of times. I had assumed it would decay and eventually fall over, then one day I drove by and WHAT! Really? I drive S. Jefferson fairly frequently these days so it’s been nice to see the progress.

    For anyone who is interested, the house two to the right (South) looks to be for sale/foreclosed. Due to the corporate policies of leaving a foreclosed house vacant for a minimum of 6 months, it likely won’t have pipes, but it’ll be well worth it now! It looks like it’s owned by the gubbamint, so maybe it’ll be a HUD sale…?

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