Downtown Civic Buildings, Lincoln, Illinois

Oh no, they pulled a Chambord on me! But anyway, the Logan County Courthouse, constructed in 1905, is a beautiful building, nonetheless.

It is relatively unadorned, and seems to be constructed out of yellow limestone or sandstone.

Like many palaces in Europe, the first floor possesses rusticated stonework, while the upper stories features polished finish.

Here’s what the dome looks like, behind construction fence, when it’s not shrouded in tarps. It’s sort of a squat dome, reminding of the church of the Gesù in Rome.

Here’s the fire station, which still functions as that to this day.

There’s also a handsome post office, as well.

I was surprised that there were not more older churches from the Nineteenth Century; it seems like most of the houses of worship were from the Twentieth Century, such as this one below.

There were three parks in a row across the middle of town; besides the one that held the courthouse, this one was merely a greensward.

The train station, beautifully restored, is still active as part of the Amtrak system of passenger rail.

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