Family Farm, Late June 2023

Two days after I posted these photos on March 29 of the family farm, a tornado struck, destroying several structures and trees.

Thankfully, the historic horse barn, built in the late 1800s, survived with minimal damage, losing only a few pieces of siding here and there. The huge oak timbers, held together with oak mortis and tenon construction, kept it intact.

The cattle barn didn’t fare so well, being reduced to a pile of boards, shingles and concrete.

The photos in that post from March 29 are the last known pictures of this barn known to exist before it was destroyed.

Update: The tree is actually still alive.

Also, sadly, the last cottonwood tree in the pasture, which had been holding on with a single branch for several years finally had its last appendage broken off by the tornado.

Another tree was destroyed as well, but it and its neighbor had been dying for several years anyway.

Regardless, the natural beauty of the area is still present.

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  1. Carl Zimmerman says:

    Chris, you really need to develop a habit of proofreading your text before posting — “did fare” should be “did not fare”, for example. Nevertheless, I enjoy your photography.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Sorry! It’s been a rough summer.

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