Grant’s Farm, Mid-June 2023

The Busch Family Ownership Group (minus Billy and Adolphus IV) welcomes you to Grant’s Farm! We paid an evening visit to the Busch family estate recently. I learned the structure below was the ice skating building.

This was part of the original holdings of the Dent Family, and the Hardscrabble log cabin is one of the few surviving structures built by a U.S. president–in this case, Ulysses S. Grant.

The original topography of the Tierpark, which has a long history in German noble palace grounds, is preserved throughout the estate.

I’ve featured the Bauernhof twice before, back in August of 2009 and November of 2014. It has largely remained the same since those two visits. It was actually built first before the “Big House.” Remember, this was where August Busch Sr. lived; his father Adolphus Busch would have never seen or lived in these buildings.

The Busches are famous for their love of horses and horsemanship, and this tack room holds many of their harnesses and medals.

There are a couple of bronze portrait busts; the first one is of the Iron Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck. German American breweries were rising in prosperity in the same time period as the unification of the German Empire, a coincidence surely not lost on either.

Rather appropriately to that analogy, there is a twin portrait bust of Adolphus Busch on the other side of a large stained wood wardrobe in the Bauernhof.

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  1. Beverly Snider says:

    1960’s child hood memories of family outings…

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