The Greater Ville, January 2020

I was in the area of the eastern Greater Ville, and a found new surprise while checking on some updates. This amazing Greek Revival country house shows that there was plenty of early development out in the Grand Prairie near Fairground Park long before the “suburban” housing stock was built in the early Twentieth Century. It is now a church, and has a half flounder service wing out the back along the alley to the north.

Meanwhile, the eastern half of the 3900 block of Labadie has dramatically changed. Many of the houses were in pretty rough shape, and they have been demolished recently.

The bricks have been neatly palletized from the houses on both sides of the street.

But I want people to realize that there are dozens of very healthy blocks in the Greater Ville, with streetscapes I could easily trick people into believing are in Tower Grove South.

These long east-west blocks are in great shape, and deserve help in being preserved for future residents who need affordable high quality housing stock.

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