Fire Ravages South Broadway Row

Sadly, last week on April 26, this stunning row of buildings on South Broadway in the heart of Carondelet was heavily damaged by fire.

The damage didn’t look too terribly bad from the front of these abandoned buildings, which I featured in a post back in March of 2021 (scroll down).

The roof structure seems to have suffered some damage, judging by how the dormers are now sagging towards each other.

A tree branch apparently fell at some point during the fire, crushing the front end of this car.

The damage is much more obvious and severe around back, though I suspect this collapse is part of a building that was added on to the original structure.

There is more destruction viewed through the heavy undergrowth.

More damage can be seen to what is an addition to the back of the second building from the corner of South Broadway and Nagel.

The real problem is that the relatively intact roof now has no structural support in the back where the staircase gallery has been destroyed by the fire.

Hopefully, the row of buildings does not end up like the Watkins building across Broadway, which was recently demolished after years in limbo.

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