First Presbyterian, Later Calvary Baptist Church, Mattoon

June Travels 170

Update: Edited for content in July of 2021.

We spotted this stunning dome through the trees as we drove through Mattoon, Illinois.

June Travels 169

As we approached, we came to the realization that the church is abandoned, with wide open windows allowing in rain and trespassers.

June Travels 162

But that dome! It’s been slapped with cheap metal cladding, slathered in white paint, and robbed of its original beauty.

Victim of a pyramid scheme(?) according to locals, it now sits in purgatory. The two occupants have moved on to bigger and better (and newer) churches nearby.

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  1. Joe Gilkerson says:

    The Dome is nothing compared to Stained Glass windows, alter, and majestic pipe organ. Unfortunately, they were the first thing “salvaged” by the former owner who abandoned the building. A community philanthropist now owns the building.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Glad to hear the building is in better hands. I hope there are plans for a renovation in the future?

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