Former Bremen Bank and Breakfast on Broadway

I’ve photographed the former Bremen Bank and its diner neighbor across from Mallinckrodt Chemical on North Broadway at least once before, back in the summer of 2019 (last photo), but I’ve never taken the time to look at them closely. I’ve heard the diner has amazing chili macs.

It’s perhaps obvious why there is a bank across the street from a giant chemical plant. Think about the employees coming out of Mallinckrodt on Fridays and cashing their paychecks before hopping on the streetcar or walking over to Hyde Park to their homes.

The central portal is interesting. Looking more closely, and there are four figures over the lintel. One is clearly holding a cornucopia, but I am not sure of the identities of the other allegorical figures.

The two in middle seem to be holding tools, such as a hammer.

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