Former Corpus Christi Parish, Revisited Early May, 2019

By June of 2022, the site was severely overgrown with underbrush.

It had been a few years since I had visited the old Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church in Jennings, and I thought I was due a return trip. It was not a happy return. The former sanctuary’s exterior was heavily overgrown, looked unkempt and I immediately became concerned that the seniors’ center that opened in 2008 is now closed. The adult day care’s phone number is disconnected, and the accompanying website is expired. I strongly suspect that it is in fact abandoned.

Likewise, the old school building looks absolutely terrible, with considerable deterioration of the plywood covering the windows, and even broken glass showing. The seniors’ home, which is new construction, is still in business, as I would hope, since it is less than twenty years old (it is to the left just out of view in the photo below)

The surrounding neighborhood, which I looked at in this post, is still not doing well, either. It is deeply saddening to see all of this. Tomorrow, I will look at the my trip around other parts of Jennings to see how this inner-ring suburb is faring.

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