Former Herman Kiefer Hospital, Detroit

Herman Kiefer Hospital sits vacant nowadays, but once it served as the contagious disease treatment facility for the City of Detroit. It’s a massive complex, sitting just to the west of the John C. Lodge Freeway on Taylor Street. It was designed by George D. Mason and opened in 1911. Albert Kahn later added buildings to the campus.

Read more about the hospital here. Historic Detroit also has an extensive entry.

Besides the main hospital building, there are other auxiliary buildings such as the power plant, that now sits silent.

The neighborhood is surrounded by some nice, well maintained streets to the north and west.

However, there was one street I found where all the buildings were abandoned, and I’m not going to pretend like it was in good shape.

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  1. Beverly Snider says:

    Our family left the St. Louis suburbs and returned to Detroit in the summer of 1970… Our home was the Outer Drive /Grandville colonial home. I finished at the Rosary Catholic high school for girls, on Greenfield/Joy Road,(No remnants to be found. Completed bachelors’ degree at Mercy College for women; now called, Wayne County Community College(WC3).

    Original childhood homes, were in the Boston Edison District, before moving out of state.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      We’re visiting West Boston Boulevard today!

      1. Beverly Snider says:

        Between 14th and Linwood it was a 3 story English Tudor,

  2. Brooke Petryka says:

    Love seeing old hospitals

  3. Sean B. says:

    I apologize for unintentionally trolling with too many comment posts for your Autumn 2023, Detroit’s Michigan Central Station post. Some web domains are slower when data processing newly texted user comments than others. As for those pre 2019 (SARS before COVID) uploaded Detroit Urbex and Historic Detroit web page articles. That long ago Guy Kiefer, municipal government health official sounds like he was descended from one of the more ideologically 19th Century Liberal rebels during Mittleeuropa’s 1848 revolts. Even within the domains of a transitional historic time period. When Detroit’s regional elites were trowing away some “then” less than a generation old, 1902 publish, Lincoln Steffens small government critiques months before a 1930s economic depression

    1. cnaffziger says:

      I enjoy reading your comments!

      1. Sean B says:

        Thank you

        1. Beverly Snider says:

          Sorry, that was 2465 West Boston, where Mr. Baker built his home.

          Also when my family moved back here in summer of 1970, the streets near Herman Kiefer were well kept, block club, working class , proud block club residents. Many since end of 1940’s.

  4. Beverly Snider says:

    2555 W. Boston, Birth till age 4

    2465 W. Mr . Baker created a ruckus , building the mid century home and placing the “B” at the top… Neighbors were on uproar. As Ist yr nursery schooler, it was an exciting year ..🤗

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