Former Holy Family Roman Catholic Church

I’ve often remarked that Romanesque Revival churches in St. Louis are not fully Romanesque, but are often Gothic Revival in their massing. In the case of the former Holy Family Roman Catholic Church, the building is instead a pure Romanesque church in both form, massing and ornament. It is really a wonderful example of the style, particularly in its northern German iteration.

The church opened in 1898, and closed in 2005. It is now the home of an advertising agency, and you can see the interior and how it was renovated here.

The hulking forms, geometric masses and small windows are all typical of the style.

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  1. Anthony S says:

    Thanks for the history! This buildings exterior design reminds me of the Church Of St Stanislaus in Wardsville, in central Missouri. I was confused when I visited it because the interior is a magnificent English Norman style, complete with square chancel, but the outside doesnt match up with any Norman church I know. German Or Central European Romanesque, as you described this church to have, makes more sense. Great pictures!

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