Former Most Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church

Update: I revisited the church in January of 2023.

The former Most Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church is sadly abandoned, and increasingly open to the elements. There was another congregation in the building after the parish closed, but it is gone now, too. The old school, to the north up Kingshighway, is now Covenant House, a non-profit that serves the homeless.

Most Blessed Sacrament opened in 1908, and closed in 2001. See some of the neighborhood around the church in this post from June of 2020.

Around back on Northland Avenue, the extent of some of the damage is evident. It looks like someone built a makeshift ladder on the roof to get up to a serious hole, and then never got back to fix it. There is certainly major water damage inside now.

The rectory is empty and abandoned.

But happily, what was probably the former convent for the church is still occupied and is an adult daycare.

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  1. Laurie al-Saawi says:

    My heart is broken after reading and seeing pictures of my childhood parish, ‘ Most Blessed Sacrament’ abandoned and in total disrepair. I have beautiful memories attending Most Blessed Sacrament School during the 1960’s. I lived across Kingshighway on Maffitt Place and walked to school daily. The nuns were strict disciplinarians and their devotion to Jesus Christ unparalleled. I learned so much from them, and I am eternally grateful for the experience they provided which enriched my life beyond measure ♥️😢♥️.

  2. raymond steube says:

    I lived at4968 northland across from the church as a kid about 1936 I hate to see what this city is now. we went to this church but i went to Benton School down the street.

  3. Glynis Hicks says:

    I lived at 5221 Northland Ave in the early 60’s. I attended Blessed Sacrament School until we moved. The neighborhood was so nice, our old apartment is no longer standing. It breaks my heart to see how the neighborhood as deteriorated!

  4. Glynis Hicks, I was there in 4th grade, my bro Donald 5th grade, my sister Valerie, Kindergarten. I always thought the church was so beautiful …

  5. John K says:

    I attended Blessed Sacrament/Bishop Healy in the 1970s, before we moved to Webster Groves. My grandmother lived on Greer, so I would walk to school with my cousins who lived several doors down. We left the city in part because of the rising crime, but one the education I got at Blessed Sacrament/Bishop Healy was invaluable and I was more than prepared when I started at Holy Redeemer in Webster. It’s so very sad to see the ongoing decay of St. Louis, but I do hope that some how, some way (immigration, the city joining the county, etc.) the core city, with so many treasures and such a rich history, can be revived.

    1. Beverly Snider says:

      John K, my family also moved to Webster Groves; but is was after 2 yrs in Rock Hill. So St Mary Magdalen was first, then Holy Redeemer on Lock Wood.

    2. Beverly Snider says:

      Was Sister Stella Martin and Monsignor Durkin still there?

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