Former St. Mark’s Roman Catholic Church, Revisited

Update: I revisited the church and school in May of 2022.

I went by the old St. Mark’s Roman Catholic Church on Page Boulevard at Academy Avenue. It looks much like it did the last time I visited, but I think more of the window tracery (the wood framing) in the tower is missing.

The school building is huge, and shows how large this parish used to be. The congregation that bought the church after the parish closed has now moved on, as well.

St. Mark’s Parochial School Academy, Minerva and Academy Avenues, c. 1911, Missouri History Museum, N33340

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  1. Sara says:

    My grandfather attended this school around 90 years ago when he lived nearby on Ridge Ave.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Interesting, Sara! I photographed a stretch of Ridge Avenue a few years back:

  2. Tom Flynn says:

    One reason the school was so huge was because it wasn’t just a grade school K-8 – it also had a high school. The co-ed elementary school was on the first level (up half a flight of stairs) and the all-girls high school was on the second floor. Two generations of my family attended the grade school, and women from three generations attended the high school. Other parishes had a similar arrangement – St. Alphonsus (the Rock Church), Corpus Christi in Jennings, St. John the Baptist (co-ed high school), and St. Francis De Sales (co-ed high school).

  3. Peter Wollenberg says:

    Thank you, John Guenther, for bringing this beautiful church to my attention. Thank you, Chris Naffziger, for your photos.

  4. Looking for more photos and stories about this beautiful old church.

  5. Kimberly O. says:

    I attended this school in 1977-1979. Attending this school is my earliest memories, I was 4 years old & I hope to always remember my time there. I grew up just a few block down on Wells Ave.

  6. Kim George says:

    Just came across my uncle’s baby book. My grandmother included his class pictures from the early 20’s. Thank you for the opportunity to see photos of St. Mark’s in it’s prime.

  7. Richard Wehner says:

    Kids from St. Mark’s Parish won a medal in soccer in the 1904 Olympics—-many of the boys on that team were from CBC High School. They were forced to return the medal to the Olympic Committee because they did not represent a country.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Wow, what a great story!

  8. Maureen Graybill says:

    Hi, I think my grandfather attended this school. Do you know if any of the school records may have been kept? And if so, where? Thank you.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      The place you would want to contact is the Archdiocesan archives; that is where they would have been sent, hopefully.

      1. Maureen Graybill says:

        Thank you! I’ll reach out to them.
        All the best.

  9. Richard says:

    Drove by the church/school today, not knowing what it was; a sad relic, to be sure, but in its state of decay also quite beautiful, particularly the magnificent building that was the school. Speaks to a bygone era, for sure.

    Thank you, Chris, for your wonderful post.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Thanks for reading!

  10. Richard says:

    Happened upon the church/school yesterday, not knowing what it was; a sad relic, to be sure, but in its state of decay also quite beautiful, particularly the magnificent building that was the school. Speaks to a bygone age.

    Thank you, Chris, for your wonderful post.

  11. Marguerite Hoeing says:

    This was the high school for myself and three of my sisters. The thing that was the best about this highschool were our operettas. The girls took on all the roles until about 1968 when we welcomed boys to our cast. Lots of great memories.

  12. Bree White says:

    My grandmother, Susan White, was the head start teacher here back in 1986 she had been there according to newspaper articles for about 5 years and she was beloved by many. Hopefully whoever had her as a teacher has great memories of her.

    1. Marguerite Hoeing says:

      1986 is a long time after I was there. Your grandmother was probably a very good addition to the faculty there. I have not been by the church and school in many years.

  13. Shirley Riley says:

    My sisters and brothers and I attended that school we went from the grade school to the high school my brothers went to deandre’s afterwards I graduated in 1974 My Sister Rita Jefferson graduated in 1972 And she was best friends to Susan White at the Head Start so many memories we were in all of the operettas do you know where I can get some yearbooks from the 72 to 74

    1. cnaffziger says:

      It is possible the Archives of the Archdiocese may have copies of old yearbooks, but I’m not sure.

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