Fourth Baptist, Days Numbered, Winter 2016

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Update, February 17, 2016: In what is easily the earliest update I have ever posted, the church was completely demolished this week.

Poor Fourth Baptist is now under demolition, with the focus primarily on the older portions of the complex: the row house on Sullivan, and the old sanctuary to the north of the new one.

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The old sanctuary is completely gone, and as the Building Division stated, the north wall of the new sanctuary had to come along with it. But as Michael Allen correctly deduced, the building is supported by steel support beams.

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It’s sad that it’s come to this.

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The blue of the bright day a week ago contrasts with the white terracotta and brown brick.

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The rowhouse, whose dilapidation spurred the demolition, is quickly coming down.

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A week later, little has changed on the north side, and I wonder if the Building Division will still demolish the two dark brown brick walls of the later sanctuary.

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