Fox Park and Industry

Near South Side and West County 003

It can be a little jarring, driving through much of the South Side, which was originally built as residential streetcar suburbs, and then all of the sudden you hit block after block of factories and warehouses in the center of Fox Park.

Near South Side and West County 004

While many factories are gone, there are still remnants, and the various survivors in Fox Park attest to the role of industry even near such exclusive neighborhoods as Compton Heights.

Near South Side and West County 005

Buildings such as the old Koken Barber Supply Company have found new life as art galleries and event spaces, located blocks from most houses, making it a perfect late night destination.

Near South Side and West County 006

I love this giant building on the eastern edge of the neighborhood; its bronze dentillated cornice well out of the reach of scrappers, hopefully.

Near South Side and West County 007

You can see the Fox Lumber Company below in the Sanborn Map; its removal allowed for the creation of Fox Park.

Fox Park

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  1. Linda says:

    Interesting! I remember this and some of the other industrial buildings near Fox Park (grew up near there in the 50s).

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