Fox Park

Fox Park, the eastern neighbor of Tower Grove East, really just blends into the latter’s edge in the rhombus of land between I-44, Grand, Jefferson and Gravois. Named after the lumber company that once partially occupied the site of the eponymous park on Shenandoah, it preserves housing stock lost to the north in urban redevelopment. A surprising number of attached row houses predominate, particularly on Russell Boulevard, which I greatly enjoy.

But there are still some very interesting streets, lined with some very old houses that have not seen as much rehabbing as the neighborhoods around it.

Near South Side and West County 008

Update: After the Great Recession ended, rehabbing boomed in the neighborhood.

Due to its close proximity to so many other vibrant neighborhoods, and its incredibly beautiful Nineteenth Century housing stock that may be too expensive for many young buyers in other neighborhoods, I suspect Fox Park will blossom once the economy improves.

Near South Side and West County 009

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  1. Tom Maher - Kirkwood says:

    Love the dog catchin’ some rays on the balcony in photo #1!

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Huh, I hadn’t even noticed!

    2. samizdat says:

      …having gained access through the fully operational Jefferson window! Nice catch.

  2. Julia says:

    If I am not mistaken, the second picture is of a house not actually in Fox Park. I believe that house is the second one over on the east side of Jefferson at the corner of Russell & Jefferson. That would already be in McKinley Heights. Fox Park is bordered on the east by Jefferson. I’m a little surprised at the choice of houses to portray the neighborhood…unless the character you are trying to show is a negative one. (?!)

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Aha, you’re right; I will fix that. I actually chose the buildings in the pictures above because I thought they illustrated what a nice wide variety of houses there were in the neighborhood, not just the grand ones on Russell. I think many of the small, slightly rundown houses above would be great starter homes for young people.

    2. Chris Naffziger says:


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