Fox Park, Revisited

Southside and Elsewhere 033

Fox Park is in transition; it has many beautiful streets, many troubled ones, but one thing remains: it has amazing housing stock, much of it older than nearby Tower Grove East to the west or even McKinley Heights to the east, deeper into the city.

Southside and Elsewhere 034

Some of its houses, such as the one above, are absolutely stunning, creative, and very old.

Southside and Elsewhere 035

Many houses, such as this one below hard up against I-44 are sitting empty, waiting for redevelopment.

Southside and Elsewhere 036

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  1. Pete says:

    Easily one of my favorite STL neighborhoods. So much potential…unfortunately, all the closed off streets, an underutilized park, and lack of creativity with some of the larger buildings on the Gravois side really hurt that area.

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