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  1. I did a Wiki Search for some info on this bridge, wondering when vehicular traffic had ceased, as I recall driving across it for years (closed in '81, later than I'd thought).Interestingly, Wiki stated that "The Mac Arthur Bridge continues to be THE vital railroad link connecting west to east for a large number of commodities, and bulk cargo." (emphasis mine).Now, this bridge is closing in on being 100 years old; I wonder if/when it will be replaced. I'd think that at SOME point this will need to occur. I wonder if planning has taken place? I wonder if the financing planning has taken place – and I wonder how much of that is depending on the inevitable plea for public assistance (I know – cynical).

  2. Out of curiosity, I looked up the Merchants Bridge – it's just North of the McKinley Bridge. It's a RR-only bridge and is already over 120 years old!Boy, those olde tyme bridge designers were simply amazing! How could they have foreseen the increased loads and longer trains of nowadays?Amazing to think that my Grandfather, an engineer for the MOP during the '90s until (first) retirement in 1936 could have driven trains across the Merchants, McKinley, Eads, or Free (MacArthur) Bridge well over a hundred years ago!

  3. Chris says:

    Yes, they certainly, and wisely, over-engineered bridges back in those days–much to our benefit in 2012. Word is that the Merchants' Bridge has reached the end of its life, and might be replaced in the next couple of years.

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