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I’ve noticed it in passing before, but this time I was walking down St. Louis Avenue it fully dawned on me how ridiculously wide this street is.  While certainly it was planned as a grand avenue for North St. Louis, its broad dimensions now seem a detriment to its health.  There is little traffic, and it speeds by at high speeds.

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This cluster of houses was a little further east of the houses from yesterday, and I think only one was possibly occupied.  I enjoyed the wide variety of housing styles, showing the slow development of lots over decades.  It was certainly a beautiful street back in the day.

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It’s interesting to see the signs on the side of buildings.

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Update: the house above was hit by brick thieves after this photo was taken and later demolished.

Barren, desolate streets stretch off into the distance; there is no reason to worry about cars coming.  Off in the distance is the old Central High School.

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The typefont below shows that this building was not abandoned too terribly long ago.  What is it like to leave a building abandoned for the last time?

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This house below is huge!  Now, granted, it’s a two family, but I suspect the house was added on the back at some point.

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Update: the house above and below disappeared without a trace by June of 2018.

I love St. Louis builders; the two dormers are way too close together, but they make a quirky composition that I enjoy.

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