Future Site of Saint Louis University Hospital, Early June, 2017

I remarked to my companions that I felt like I was in Europe, with its unbroken vistas of fields surrounding Medieval cities.

This will be the site of the new SLU Hospital, replacing the old Firmin Desloge building.

Yes, it spelled the end for the Pevely Dairy Building. I wasn’t happy it was torn down, but honestly I feel like the urban fabric is so annihilated at the intersection of Grand and Chouteau that I can’t imagine it much worse.

The new hospital will undoubtedly provide better service to my neighbors, so I am not going to say I oppose its construction–it serves many of the least wealthy in St. Louis, and they deserve a brand-new, top-notch hospital building, too.

Senior citizens interested in attending a two-part lecture June 22 and 29, 2017 from 10:00-12:00 on the work of famous architects who also left their mark on St. Louis architecture with Chris Naffziger at OASIS in Clayton can register at this link.

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