Gateway Arch Renovations

Cemeteries 041

They’re tearing down the Arch Garage. I think it is just over thirty years old. It’s going to be weird with it gone.

Cemeteries 042

Thanks to terrible (non-existent) signage, myself and about twenty tourists ended up on the wrong side of the construction fence. Thanks, guys!

Cemeteries 043

Luckily, there was this sign that pointed us in the right direction.

Cemeteries 044

The historic wharf is disappearing.

Cemeteries 045

Construction fences crisscross the site.

Cemeteries 046

I consider the park design, from the 1960s, to be a complete failure. It is not a park, really, but a forested wall that orders the visitor to go where it wants them to. And don’t play croquet in front of as park ranger!

Cemeteries 047

Update: Renovations were completed in the summer of 2016.

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