German Village, Columbus, Ohio, Part Three

We’ll look at a few more streets in German Village today.

I think what makes this such a beautiful neighborhood is that even if the houses are different sizes, they maintain a certain architectural uniformity that creates that harmony.

Likewise, with only a couple of different roof types, such as the gable above and the hipped roof below, there again is certain beauty created. I liken it to different notes in the same key in a song.

I also like how even though the houses maintain a similar appearance they allow the creeping in of elements of newer styles in the late Nineteenth Century such as the Queen Anne, to appear in the gables of these three homes below.

Again, this neighborhood’s relationship with its alleys is a healthy one. The garbage cans are small, and most people keep them in their garages or behind fences, but more importantly, alley dwellings are embraced, such as the one below.

Just look at that alley! Alley houses keep eyes on the back sides of properties, reducing crime and illegal dumping, and provide extra income for property owners, or even work spaces for home businesses.

Since there was so little demolition of the historic fabric, there is intense competition for the little open space left, such as the big box grocery store that is going to be demolished.

It will be interesting to see how it turns out. Next stop is Cincinnati.

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