Geyer Avenue and Environs, Soulard

The house above is on Menard right on the interstate; there are in-fill houses being built right next to it on a little triangle of land. Below, on Geyer, we see some of the oldest houses in Soulard, with Greek Revival elements such as the pedimented dormers.

They also have the dentillated cornices, which you can see on the houses below, whether they are one story or two.

I love these little houses, such as the ones below, and I hope more people begin to appreciate them. They are economical, and are more geared towards people who do not need a huge three story house.

This house below intrigued me. I suspect it is incredibly old, as it is wood frame. I would like to learn more about it in the future. I suspect the overhanging enclosed portion on the left was once an open porch gallery like it still is on the first floor below.

There are stunning Second Empire storefronts, as well, in great condition.

And finally, this cluster of Second Empire tenements, I suspect, are incredibly old, and probably, due to their proportions, are some of the oldest of their style in the entire city of St. Louis.

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