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  1. Terry Garrett says:

    It’s sad the way the Powers-That-Be treat our history in this country. They build, use, trash and abandon the built environment of our industrial complex and then justify it. The one thing I have noticed about STL is the architecture of the homes and industrial factories. It’s among the most unique I have ever seen. With the number of homeless and people in need of affordable housing, I wonder why these places can’t be rehabbed.

    Here in Tuscaloosa, AL. They let the natural disasters do the work. After the tornado of 2011, they began a campaign to turn the city into one big rental property. You could call it “Manhattan on the Black Warrior”. Every home or residential property or neighborhood destroyed has been re-developed into over-priced apartment complexes that locals can’t afford. 100,000 apartments in a city of 90,000 sounds logical, right? Empty commercial fronts on the first floor waiting for tenants that will likely never come. I understand what you see, but you should see what I see. The whole city is a is a step away from being a government project. It is sad.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      I agree, Terry.

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