Goldenrod Showboat Up For Auction Saturday


Update: The Goldenrod Showboat was destroyed by fire in October of 2017 while docked in Hardin County, Illinois.

I was contacted by a supporter of the effort to save the Goldenrod Showboat concerning the last potential chance to save the boat on Saturday, May 18:

“Today I received the news that the not-for-profit organization lost the Goldenrod. About two months ago both sides were to an agreement where money was going to be exchanged and the Goldenrod was free to go back to St. Louis. However, the landlords decided to get a new lawyer who does NOT care about the history of the Goldenrod. When our president went to get the money to pay the landlords the new lawyer changed the amount to more than double the agreed price. Without resources to get that amount of money we tried to talk to the new lawyer. The new lawyer for the landlords would not listen to us, or give us the time of day to show him what our plans are to restore the Goldenrod. The last lawyer was the one who agreed to an amount of money that we can afford so we can have a chance to get the Goldenrod restored. This new lawyer does not care at all, and is only worried about money. The historic Goldenrod Showboat is now going to be auctioned off on May 18, 2013 to the highest bidder. If nobody bids, the showboat will be scrapped by the landlords. This would be the end for the Goldenrod if we just sat around and just agreed to what we are told. The Goldenrod is loved by many people and has to be restored for future generations. I am speaking on behalf of myself, not the Historic Riverboat Preservation Association. The not-for-profit has not done its job and I will not sit around and let this piece of history be auctioned off to scrappers. This Showboat is close to my heart and I will not go without a fight. So I am asking you to sign our petition to not let the showboat be scrapped. I am also asking you to help me in any way possible. I don’t have the money to bid on the showboat and take over the restoration project, but if you know anyone who would purchase it for the right reasons I want to speak with them. My phone number is on the website and I want to hear from you! If you have any ideas please call or email me! I will be doing as many interviews as possible to help get this message out, we have 1 week from the day it is auctioned. Please share this message to your friends and family. The Goldenrod Showboat is more than wood and steel; it is the history and the love by many people that makes it special.

“Thank you,

“Jacob Medford”

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