Grand Hall, Union Station

Update: The Grand Hall has been renovated with a light show. I saw ‘Escape from New York’ in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2013, of all places, and was amazed to see the Grand Hall feature so prominently. It is worth watching the movie if you haven’t yet. See pictures of the Grand Hall in 2014 right at the beginning of renovations.

The Grand Hall of the Union Station hotel always impressed me as a child. Coming back as an adult, it still impresses me for different reasons.

For a turn of the century, Romanesque Revival space, this hall is one of the most perfectly preserved that I have seen, and not cluttered with later additions or other alterations.

The stained glass is stunning as well, complementing the the lavish interior of the vault.

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  1. The first time I recall this hall was going down with a gaggle of relatives to meet the last of my three uncles who served in the War. This last uncle had served in the AAF flying in B-17s out of India and then China.Of course, I barely remember it, as I was just over five. But I do recall how BIG it was (Hey – it was bigger than our MOP station in Kikrwood!). And My Goodness, the crowds! I don't know how many people were in the hall, of course – but suffice that it was seemingly totally filled – so that must have been thousands, all greeting returning servicemen.

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