Half Flounders, Over the Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio

Half flounders are not somehow unique to St. Louis. I found them all over the Over the Rhine neighborhood, mostly north of Liberty Street where there is more demolition and vacant lots, making it easier to see the rear of buildings. Like I had mentioned when visiting the town of Blois in France, while certainly there is a German influence throughout Midwestern architecture, I feel like the use of shed roofs is not somehow limited to one ethnic group, but is universal throughout European American architecture. See other examples below around the immediate area.

Like St. Louis, the half flounder is very common as a back service wing slanting away from the property line. There are also hipped roof flounders, as well, seen above.

There is a unique variant in Cincinnati, where the roof pitches down towards the street, seemingly without a gutter!

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  1. Sean B. says:

    Those Cincinnati Over-the-Rhine neighborhood posts. Along with the Columbus Ohio’s German Village neighborhood made for some pretty enjoyable quick reads. Plus how do you phonetically pronounce the town of Blois? Along with the word Tuileries? Like an 1871 French revolts raided Tuileries Place. I’m pretty monolingual when it comes to French sadly. 🙁

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Here you go:

      Pronounce Blois like this: https://www.howtopronounce.com/blois

      Pronounce Tuileries like twee · luh · ree

  2. Sean B says:

    Thanks for the answers. I enjoy browsing through this site.

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