Hyde Park Churches, Revisited in Eastern Sunlight

Update: Bethlehem Lutheranwas demolished in the summer of 2014.

One sunny morning I decided to take pictures of a couple of Hyde Park churches I normally photograph in the afternoon. The morning light, particularly on the front of the abandoned Bethlehem Lutheran, was spectacular.

Likewise, I was just able to catch a little light on the facade of Holy Trinity, which faces east.

I also found the famous statue of St. Michael that was supposedly never fixed because had not protected the church from the tornado that damaged the first iteration of the church. The blind rose window is another curiosity; rose windows in historic Gothic churches are always at the end of transepts or naves, and not in this location, let alone blind.

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  1. K says:

    They definitely are magnificent. Too bad someone with good intentions can’t buy up and restore several of those homes. If done in tracts, I imagine migration there could be quite plausible… Goodness knows the proximity to downtown is stellar

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