Hyde Park in the Morning Light #19, 1400 Block of Angelica

Angelica Street east of 11th Street is gone, replaced by this foreboding overpass, which effectively kills the neighborhood from expanding any further.

I’ve photographed these little guys before; they replaced an old country estate that finally was demolished and redeveloped.

Then, on the south side of the street, it is normal, late 19th and early 20th century housing stock. Less of it is abandoned, but it is creeping in.

Yikes, looks like someone has been selling terracotta of the top of this 4-family.

One of its mates has an intact facade, but it is abandoned and gutted.

Then Angelica meets Blair Avenue, and there is more variety of housing styles, even a Gingerbread house.

Finally, we reach Windsor Park, which used to be a quarry that’s been filled.

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