Hyde Park in the Morning Light #22, 1400 Block of Bremen Avenue

The remainder of the Bremen Row is still under rehab, but many of the other small houses on the street are not doing well.

But this is a very important house, with a pitched roof that encompassed a now-filled in porch on the back. It dimensions give away its age. So cool, and I think it’s still occupied.

I like the way the tree cast shadows over this abandoned Second Empire house.

There is even a very well preserved Second Empire alley house. I love how Hyde Park has a front and back street grid. Many, many people lived in alley dwellings, and they were a sort of secondary street east of Jefferson Avenue.

The house that sits on the alley, to the left, is collapsing.

I will be giving a short presentation at 10:30 AM on Thursday, January 11, 2018 at the Missouri History Museum as part of Johnny Rabbit’s program, “The Spirits of St. Louis: Ghosts, Haunted Places, THE Exorcism, Spiritualists, and the Paranomal.”

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