Hyde Park in the Morning Light #30, 1500 Block of Bremen Avenue

There is a whole row of beautiful houses on the north side of Hyde Park.

Take this house, for example, which received a very well done and barely noticeable addition in the 20th Century that melds together with the older building.

But then these three Second Empire houses sit abandoned.

And abandoned houses sit right next to well maintained neighbors.

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  1. Slevin says:

    Great images as always Chris. I heard you on 1120 this Sunday Morning talking about the Lemp Brewery. That got me thinking, have you thought about a podcast or radio show regarding St. Louis history and architecture? I know you would have a listener in me! Always enjoy your St. Louis Magazine stuff too by the way.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Thanks, Sara! I would love to have a radio show one day.

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