Hyde Park in the Morning Light #47, 3900 Block of 19th Street

I’ve long been fascinated by the near perfect block of 19th Street in Hyde Park. There are only a couple of demolitions and vacant lots.

But unfortunately, there are far too many abandoned buildings.

This house is crooked, and I think the two on either side of it are crooked, too. There probably was a quarry here originally, as Windsor Park was years ago.

The Second Empire dominance continues back around onto Bremen Avenue.

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  1. Scott Meggs says:

    Chris, Google Street view shows that row of abandoned 2 and 4 family houses still standing, surrounded by occupied and well kept houses. Why won’t the city take a fraction of the $500M in Covid relief money and rehab those buildings? They would help stabilize that block and drive property values on all the other building as well.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Good question.

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