Jefferson Avenue, In Between Miami and Potomac

Busch Estate 147

Ever notice how the great streets of St. Louis, the ones that tourists go to, are only two lanes, and maybe a turn lane? Jefferson Avenue has utterly amazing architecture, but no one notices because they’re too busy watching out for all of the idiots blowing by at 50 mph. Design city streets like highways, and motorists treat them as such. And what are people missing? Stunning ensembles of houses such as these.

Busch Estate 148

Busch Estate 150

Busch Estate 151

Busch Estate 152

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  1. Gillian Noero says:

    One of the joys of St Louis City is its “maculate, cracked, askew” way of being. So, thank you for this, more than I can ever say – both that you noticed these particular houses and that you appreciate them.

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