JeffVanderLou Arsons, Two Years Later

Two and a half years ago, numerous buildings were struck by arson in long-suffering JeffVanderLou, within sight of the theaters of Grand Center. I decided to go back and check on the houses, and see how the neighborhood was doing. Most of the houses had been demolished, but I found the 1910 Bacon Street had remained largely the same since 2010.

Its neighbor next door could not say the same; it has clearly been hit by brick thieves, who probably also cleared away the bricks of the house hit by arson. Perhaps the fires really were set by brick thieves intent on stealing the bricks.

The house above is still intact, but it’s been robbed of its context, and there’s no one around to keep it safe from the brick thieves.

The house above had been completely removed by brick thieves; there is nothing left to save.

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  1. constance Cafazza says:

    Dear GOD I need a drink now.

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