Labadie Avenue, The Western Greater Ville

For some reason I got on this kick to explore the western side of The Greater Ville neighborhood. Starting at the intersection of Marcus and Labadie, where Cote Brilliante Presbyterian sits on the northeast corner, I headed east.

I think the Greater Ville has some of the most interesting an idiosyncratic architecture in the city, with an eclectic mix of different styles.

While there are certainly houses like the ones in the photos above and below that you see throughout the city that were built in the early Twentieth Century, we see others that are unique to the neighborhood.

Take this amazing duplex, with one of the broadest gabled roofs in the city!

In fact, broad duplexes are very common in the immediate area.

There are many vacant lots, as well.

There is a lot of abandonment. And sadly, many houses that are not going to make. See the house on the left? It left side wall has actually collapsed, despite looking fine from the street.

But here are those playful little bungalows that I love so much in this neighborhood. Even modest homes have a real sense of style.

Even stripped of their front façade ornament due to deterioration, you can imagine what they once looked like.

Green paint has enlivened this well maintained four-family.

This house was probably built when this area was still rural, and it has survived all of the changes in the area.

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