Lafayette Avenue Between Eighteenth Street and Mississippi Avenue, North Side

Moving west of Eighteenth Street, except for the loss of a couple houses just to the left of these two Second Empire storefronts, the north side of Lafayette Avenue is intact all the way to the alley behind Mississippi Avenue.

Interestingly, little was built by 1876 except for a couple of houses that are now gone. In the vacant lots are a host of beautiful houses, many with distinctive Mansard roofs.

There is that really skinny house with the high pitched roof to the left, however, which is hard to qualify architecturally.

I love this red house, though I am wondering about the dormers on the Mansard roof; are they original, or were they replacements? The back wing with porch that juts out to the east is also a nice feature.

There is still some rehabbing going, as this dumpster in front of this house attests. The houses with the slight bump out add to the articulation of the facade.

Then we are back to the block owned by Stephen Doulgas Barlow, which is all in-fill.

W.C. Persons, Lafayette Avenue Looking East at Mississippi Avenue, 1930, Missouri History Museum, N14967

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