Last Remnants of a Neighborhood, North Riverfront

Update: Over ten years after its destruction, I still think about this neighborhood, and I still wonder it was. The houses were extremely old, and there has to be a story behind why they were here. Everything seen below has now been completely demolished and the streets removed, replaced with a truck stop. I still have no idea what its story is, and I’m sure that someday no one will remember it was ever even there.

I don’t know much about this neighborhood, other than when it was constructed it wasn’t bound by the strict brick only regulations of the City, for some reason.

Regardless, people who have followed this neighborhood for years say it is rapidly disappearing.

Sandwiched between the interstate and the riverfront, it isn’t perhaps the most desirable neighborhood.

It was at one point however, and it’s sad to see that the desirability of the area was stripped away by external forces.

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  1. clayton says:

    where was this neighborhood?

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Broadway and Carrie Street; it’s being turned into a gas station.

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