Leffingwell Avenue, JeffVanderLou

JeffVanderLou 104

This block of Leffingwell Avenue is the only “intact” street left in the southeastern portion of JeffVanderLou; across the street is Yeatman Park, which had given the historic name to this part of the city.

JeffVanderLou 102

But looks can be deceiving; I have actually already shown the backs of these houses, in a post last week. All of the houses have been tampered with by brick thieves.

JeffVanderLou 107

Further down, the houses are mostly intact, but still abandoned. I learned that the buildings painted that funky red were once owned by the JeffVanderLou organization, now defunct like this building.

JeffVanderLou 111

I find houses such as the one fascinating; as the suburbs sprang up outside the city, some homeowners attempted to “jazz up” their older houses; in this case, someone modernized the fenestration and added Form Stone to the facade. It clearly was not abandoned too long ago, as it still sports abandoned satellite dishes.

JeffVanderLou 113

This house looks like it received some sort of renovation; look at the windows and how they’ve been reduced in size. Sadly no one finished, and now it sits vacant, its presence a worrying presence to the neighbors.

JeffVanderLou 117

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  1. Angel says:

    Just saw you on Fox 2 News! Awesome! 🙂

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