Lemp Mausoleum, Interior

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Now that the nonsense surrounding the Lemp impostor seems to be over, the charlatan banished to obscurity, Bellefontaine Cemetery is allowing limited visitors into the family’s mausoleum, with legitimate heirs’ expressed permission.

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Many people may not realize it, but less than half of the mausoleum is full, and probably will remain so. The left side has the most, and there are a couple on the other side. Due to the carving of the script, the writing of several on the left side are hard to see above.

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The stained glass window depicting purple lilies, the symbol of royalty and purity, have an anthropomorphic quality to them. Their heads point in various directions, each imbued with a personality, just like the family members interred inside. There is a certain poignancyto the lilies, as they droop in sadness, or gaze skyward, in hope.

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  1. Trini Pellegrino says:

    I followed that soap opera with the Lemp imposter. It was crazy. He sucked a lot of us in and had us fooled.

  2. richard williams says:

    what the guy from Chicago? but he had a key…

    easy bet not many more will be placed in there. sort of odd there isn’t lavender in the window.

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