Lindell Boulevard, Heading West

McReeTown and Elsewhere 083

I never really get a chance to look at the houses on Lindell west of Kingshighway.? They’re an interesting mix of housing styles, not particularly always my favorite, but still a noteworthy achievement of organic development on the largest lots in the city.? Recent additions have been more successful than others.

McReeTown and Elsewhere 087 McReeTown and Elsewhere 091 McReeTown and Elsewhere 094 McReeTown and Elsewhere 099

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  1. Tina says:

    I was lead to this blog through a post regarding the Castles of Normandy and Bel-Nor.
    Along with being raised in Normandy and from a family of men who were mostly Irish Catholic and plasterer’s, the original post naturally drew my attention, then I came across this blog post and felt compelled to write a comment. My father “Moe” Dalton started our family business, when he passed my brother and I continued it for our sake and Mom’s and in 2012 October my business partner and brother died while plastering in one of his favorite homes on Lindell. Dennis had been there many times before but unfortunately he died of a stroke there.
    When the guys all get together they all have stories to tell of this house and that building, I feel blessed to be part of it all.

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