Lindell Boulevard Water Main Break, Part II

There was another major water main break on Lindell Boulevard near, but not in the exact same spot as the one last summer at almost the exact same time of year. Hot temperatures do that to aging infrastructure.

I went out yet again to get interesting insights into the construction of Lindell, and again I had a fun conversation with a friendly and informative worker. Note above and below: again we can see how the street grade of Lindell was raised considerably over the years; the large stone fill raised up the current roadbed from the original Belgian Block roadbed, as it heads up towards the intersection with Union Boulevard. I was given permission to come close to the hole to photograph.

“Did you see the truck drive into the hole on TV?” The worker asked.

“Oh yeah, that was crazy,” I replied, and gesturing towards the many warning signs and barriers blocking the street, remarked, “How could anyone possibly miss all the barricades saying the street was closed?”

He laughed, “Drugs, man.”

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