Marine Villa, Revisited

Update: See the area when I went back in June of 2018.

Few people have heard of Marine Villa, but its the neighborhood south of Cherokee Street and east of Broadway/Jefferson, more of less.

Bellefontaine, Ville, Marine Villa, Elsewhere 044

It seems to have developed slowly, in the rural areas south of the central city. But it was home to the Marine Hospital, and also the Home Brewery. There are wood frame houses like the one above, and half flounders, like the one below.

Bellefontaine, Ville, Marine Villa, Elsewhere 045

But in between the much older houses are “tract” houses like these below, which can be found throughout the city and were built around the turn of the century.

Bellefontaine, Ville, Marine Villa, Elsewhere 046

The interstate slashes through here on the east, disrupting what had been a neighborhood connected to the river.

Bellefontaine, Ville, Marine Villa, Elsewhere 047

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  1. Sean Lowery says:

    I live in the home on the corner of Kosciusko and Chipper (the one in dire need of some weedeating in the front yard). The flounder house you show has a port in the basement which led to a tunnel that went all the way to the River prior to 55. It was used on the Underground Railroad, as was the house across the street.

  2. Sean Lowery says:

    Chippewa, not Chipper, obviously.

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