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In the area I refer to as part of the South Riverfront, is the former mixed use neighborhood of Kosciusko. It’s been mostly demolished, but as I investigated several years ago, there are still a couple of buildings left from its this historic, vanished neighborhood. The two buildings in the black squares will be the focus of this post.

Bellefontaine, Ville, Marine Villa, Elsewhere 036

It’s now a caterer, but this building was once part of a massive work complex, the Anthony Wayne Manufacturing Company, marked by the square black box on the Sanborn map, and dating back to the time of the Compton and Dry view; city records say it was 1875.

Wayne Manufacturing

These simple, vernacular or Federalist style rowhouses date back at least to the Compton and Dry view of the city, sitting amongst dozens of other houses. They’re now the last survivors on this block.

Bellefontaine, Ville, Marine Villa, Elsewhere 038

Across the street, these rowbuildings are in bad shape, their backs falling off.

Bellefontaine, Ville, Marine Villa, Elsewhere 040

As the Sanborn maps show, this was once a bustling neighborhood, demolished almost completely out of existence.

Update: The above building was damaged by fire on November 13, 2014.

Victor and DeKalb

Street tracks still snake through the neighborhood, as the original industry in this area begins to fade away as well.

Bellefontaine, Ville, Marine Villa, Elsewhere 042

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